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CFM Dairy Recruitment is solely owned and operated by CAMERON McILVEEN and his wife, FIONA McILVEEN who have been providing specialised dairy recruitment consulting services to farm owners / employers for the last five years – Australia wide.  


Having recognised that there was a shortage of skilled and professional dairy workers and driven by their experience of the industry, Cameron & Fiona took the initiative to help solve the issue by establishing their specialist dairy recruitment business.  As the business is rapidly growing, they are now receiving international enquiries for their specialised services.


Together, they also operate their own Dairy Farming Business in Northern Victoria, so their knowledge and expertise in this area of work is paramount to their recruitment business and also to their respective clients.  You can therefore be assured that with their thorough understanding and professional skill set in all facets of the Dairy Industry – this is an advantage to all clients and their overall farming business structure.


CFM Dairy Recruitment pride themselves on honesty and discretion and have a commitment in providing first class service to all respective clients.




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Has over 25 years experience in the Dairy Industry, spending his entire working career, both on farm and off.  Cameron started his working career in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales as an Apprentice Dairy Farmer where he gained extensive ‘hands-on’ knowledge and experience in all facets of farming.


Over the years, Cameron has worked as an Independent Contract Herd Recorder and AI Technician throughout the Hunter Valley, New South Wales.  Other professions also include working as a General Insurance Consultant in the rural sector of the Insurance Industry.




Has a strong rural background with over 16 years experience in the Dairy Industry, both in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales and Northern Victoria.


An attribute to CFM Dairy Recruitment, Fiona also has 13 years experience in the Legal Industry wherein she worked as a Senior Legal PA / Law Clerk to a renowned Law Firm in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales, specialising in Conveyancing and other aspects of law.




Cameron & Fiona have worked together as a professional and pro-active team for over 16 years in the Dairy Industry wherein they have share farmed and leased dairy farms on their journey towards farm ownership, which has now eventuated this year and has undoubtedly given them empathy with their clients.  It has also allowed them to view the formula from both sides of the equation.  


The team’s experience, extensive knowledge and thorough understanding in all facets of the Dairy Industry is an asset they can offer to all clients.