Job Seekers

CFM Dairy Recruitment is a recruitment and placement business who provides valuable support, knowledge and expertise in assisting respective Applicant with their dairy opportunities, tailored to their own needs.


Our aim is to match suitable Applicants to each individual requirement and assist them in forming business relationships for a sustainable future.


We set out to deliver a more personal and pro-active approach to all Applicants.


The first step in finding your new employment opportunity is to register as an Applicant with us.  CFM Dairy Recruitment will then provide you with a Job Seeker Application Form to complete.


You should detail your contact information, including licences, qualifications and all skills/experience.  Please also specify which type of employment you seek in the industry, whether it be General Staffing, Contract Milking, Herd Management, Dairy Management, Share Farming or Lease.  Also important is the area/location you wish to work.  Remember, the more information you can give us about yourself and skills, the better we will be able to match you to potential employment.


If you do not have a current CV on hand, for a small fee of $50.00, CFM Dairy Recruitment can prepare one on your behalf and also provide a copy to you for future reference.


Once we receive all documentation we list your profile on our database FREE of charge.


Alternatively, a recommended pro-active approach for a more successful outcome in securing a position of your choice would include one of the following:-


  1. Listing on our website under 'Situations Wanted' for a one-off fee of $55.00.  This can be either a confidential listing where all enquiries are directed through our agency or it can be an advert with all enquiries to be made directly to you.
  2. A confidential 'point of call' advert in any publication of your choice. (At the client's expense).


CFM Dairy Recruitment will then contact you directly when a position becomes available which suits your skills and experience.


Please click on Our Services to see a full detailed outline of the services in which we provide to you.


If you require any further information on any of our services detailed herein, please contact us via email, phone or fax at any time.