Although all Farmers have their own individual requirements when placing a vacancy with us, here at CFM Dairy Recruitment we provide valuable support, knowledge and expertise in assisting the respective Farmer/Employer with their dairy opportunity, tailored to their own needs.


A successful placement begins with a sound understanding of the requirements of the position.  Our aim is to match suitable applicants to each individual requirement and assist them in forming business relationships for a sustainable employment future.


We set out to deliver a more personal and pro-active approach to the Farmer/Employer.  Getting to know the actual farm in question is a very important part of the process, as also is the type of person the Farmer needs.


Depending on the nature of the position to be filled and the preferences of the client, there are 2 Service Packages to choose from:-


Package 1: One-Off Finder's Fee


Our services in respect to the individual Farmer/Employer encompass the following stages:-


1.  Become fully briefed on the nature of the position and outline of the client's individual requirements. A farm visit can also be

     arranged at this time so we can obtain a real feel for the business and the type of person the Farmer needs.


2. To use CFM Dairy Recruitment as a point of call for confidential adverts in publications of the Farmers/Employers choice.  We

    usually advise keeping the client's name out of advertisement to avoid unnecessary harassment. This expense is borne by the

    client. The process also takes the worry out of the Farmer's busy schedule.


3. Search our database and contacts within the industry.


4. Phone interview potential candidates from all sources to identify short list.


5. Reference check preferred candidates.


6. Liaise and advise all unsuccessful candidates.





Package 2: Employer Direct (Self-Recruit) Advertising Fee


This package is structured for the Employer who wishes to place a job advertisement, of their choice, on our site and carry out all their own response management.


The one-off fee includes job advertisement (per position). This listing will remain on our site for thirty (30) days or unless requested to be removed prior to this time.



CFM Dairy Recruitment can also prepare and supply (at an additional cost) any detailed Agreement (ie: Contract Milking Agreement, General Staffing Agreement or Share Farm Agreements), at the Farmer/Employer's request. 



PLEASE NOTE FINAL SELECTION remains the sole privilege and responsibility of the CLIENT.




If our services offered herein, meet with your individual needs and requirements, please contact us via email or phone to discuss your options and make an application at any time.